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About Us

According to the revelation shown to Pastor Kehinde Abiodun, there was the divine revelation of a white coloured aircraft with a divine blue colour inscription “HOSANNA”. He was further led to gather men together in worship to the Almighty God to start the church – Fountain of Hosanna Church of Christ. At this time, the amazing increase in the membership left no one in doubt that ministry had the seal of God’s calling.


Various spiritual programs were in place to reach out to men through sound Bible teachings, Deliverance services, Evangelism, Prophetic utterances, Counselling sessions (with convincing revelations through the power of the Holy Spirit for uncommon solutions to life’s battles). The monthly ‘Loose-him-and-let-him-go’ life-changing programme, annual ‘Gates of Hell shall not Prevail’ – spiritual harvest of healing and miracles coupled with series of ‘Open Air Crusades’ and live TV broadcasts on MITV, to mention but few have tremendously contributed to the growth of the church.


Within a short time of establishment, FHCC headquarters is currently located at #10, Ajenifuja Street, off College Road, Haruna Bus Stop, Ifako-Ijaiye, Lagos with parishes in Oke Aro – November 2010 and Mowe – 2016, both in Ogun State, Nigeria and in London, United Kingdom. Another parish shall commence shortly in Oluwasina Town in Ifo, also in Ogun State and other parishes in view.


FHCC is founded on the true and undiluted Word of God (Bible) with these Tenets of Faith – God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit; the blood of Jesus Christ to deliver salvation, healing and bring all-round prosperity; Biblical forms of prayer; Divine deliverance and healing; teaching of the Bible; evangelical outreaches to win souls for Christ; Prophetic utterances and ultimately getting to the Kingdom of God (our primary focus and target).


To preach the gospel, deliver God’s people from kingdom of darkness and satanic oppression and prepare them for the Lord’s second coming.


  1. End-time revival of sound Bible doctrine.
  2. Destruction of Satan’s implantations (through his agents – demons, witches and wizards, herbalists, false prophets, wicked beings) in the lives of God’s people.
  3. Bringing people into the will of God through prophetic utterances for the fulfilment of their destinies and manifestations of their glories.
  4. Propagation of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ till His second coming.
  5. Making heaven.


10, Ajenifuja Street | off College Road | Haruna Bus-stop |

Ifako-Ijaiye | Lagos State | Nigeria.

Tel: +234 803 404 6142

Mercy Parish

9, (Old 56) Giwa oke-Aro Road | by Rainoil Petrol Station |

Oke-Aro | Ogun State | Nigeria.

Tel: +234 703 828 2147

Testimony Parish

Oju-Odo Street | by Community High School | Adesan-Olu |

Mowe | Ogun State | Nigeria.

Tel: +234 806 041 5417

London Parish

Lambeth Accord Building | 336, Brixton Road |

London | England | SW9 7AA

Tel: +44 744 051 5709


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Tenets of Faith

These are the Church doctrines and are in full agreement with the Bible. We believe the teachings of the following –

  1. The BibleWe believe that the Bible is the Word of God – 2 Timothy 3:16
  2. TrinityWe believe that TRINITY consists of 3 distinct personalities united together as ONE in the Godhead (divine nature or essence) – 1 John 5:7
  3. Accuser of the BrethrenWe believe that there is Satan (Devil) – Isaiah 14:11-12
  4. Creation and Fall of ManWe believe that man was created by God and in his own image and that he fell through disobedience – Genesis 2:7; 3:1,9,13,23-24

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The General Overseer’s Note

The FOUNTAIN OF HOSANNA CHURCH OF CHRIST (FHCC) whose mission is “To preach the gospel all men and make them ready for the second coming of Jesus Christ” has come a long way in the history of ministries and churches in Nigeria and United Kingdom. The inaugural service of the church was held on Sunday December 26, 2004 with few members at #100, Iju Road, Church Bus Stop, Ifako-Ijaiye, Lagos State, Nigeria. FHCC is a licensed denomination since in 2004 under the corporate affairs council of the Federal Republic of Nigeria under the Companies and Allied Act 1990.


Prior to the divine calling of Pastor Kehinde Abiodun to preach the gospel and win souls for God’s kingdom via the FHCC, he was committed to serving the devil all day-long and causing much damage to men around him. Suddenly, the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ met him, and his life was completely turned over to Jesus Christ in 2002. According to his testimony, by revelation at conversion his tongue was touched to confirm his Prophetic ministry; a new type of blood was transfused into his body to also help him fulfil his calling into Deliverance ministry. Thence, his ministry has evolved from one glory to another higher glory, pulling down the strongholds of darkness, witches and wizard and setting people free to fulfil their divine destinies.


Although the initial take-off of the ministry – Fountain of Hosanna Church of Christ, faced some challenges and hard times ranging from internal to external attacks, yet the sure hand of the Almighty God was with him and the ministry. This reaffirms his mandate “To go and destroy the power and kingdom of darkness and of witches and wizard; to set God’s people free from the prison and chains of Satan; to raise people and not money; and to prepare them for the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ”. This, of course, has been his mission statement since he assumed the pastoral and prophetic roles.